• Head Master
    My Callison

    Hello! My name is My Callison and I’m the owner and Head Master of KSMY Martial Arts. I strive to develop a personal and constructive relationship with each and every one of my students. I hope to inspire individuals to take a positive and active approach in life. I plan to be with my students every step of the way to help them reach their individual goals. Martial Arts is not just a hobby for me, it is my life! I hope to be able to share my love and appreciation for marital arts with you!

    Master My Callison, Gwan Jang Nim, has been dedicated to Kuk Sool for over 26 years. She is currently a Fifth Degree Black Belt under the Korea Kuk Sool Association, the World Kido Federation, and the Han Min Jok Hapkido Association.

    My Gwan Jang Nim began her training under Chiefmaster Chun Duk Lee in 1993 at the Stockton Kuk Sool Won school. She was awarded the rank of First Degree Black Belt in December of 1998 by 10th Degree Grandmaster In Sun Seo. She served as an assistant instructor at the Stockton Kuk Sool Won school.

    Beginning in 2002, Master My has made several trips to South Korea to train with Chiefmaster Lee at the Korea Kuk Sool Headquarters in Busan, South Korea. Master My served as the Head Instructor for the Korea Kuk Sool Headquarters during her many trips to South Korea.

    In addition to her commitment to martial arts, My Gwan Jang Nim also values her continued education. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, she completed the Teacher Preparation Program at the California State University of Sacramento and obtained a professional single subject teaching credential in 2005. Master My taught World History and Psychology in the Elk Grove Unified School District.

    In 2009, Master My moved to South Korea to train for her Fourth Degree Black Belt. During this time, she established strong, personal, and professional ties with Kuk Sool masters from all over South Korea.

    In 2011, Master My established the KSMY Martial Arts dojang in the Sacramento area. This was a dream come true for Master My given she can now combine her passion for teaching with her love of martial arts.

    In 2016, Master My obtained her Fifth Degree blackbelt.

    Aside from her instructing and training at KSMY Martial Arts, Master My is also a blue belt practitioner at Yemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My Gwan Jang Nim also loves to dance salsa at Yemaya Salsa Dance Company.  My Gwan Jang Nim is a mother, wife, and an avid dog lover.

    Master My prides herself on having an in-depth knowledge of teaching students of various abilities and levels, as she has extensive experience instructing in both the classroom and in martial arts dojangs. On behalf of Master My and our KSMY Martial Arts family, we hope to make you a part of our team!

  • Grandmaster
    In Sun Seo

    Grandmaster In Sun Seo has been involved in martial arts since the 1950’s and is currently one of the most respected Korean martial artist and a true pioneer representing the first generation of Korean martial artists.

    Grandmaster Seo is the only first generation martial artist to teach and operate a dojang in Korea continuously for the last 40 years. He is the epitome of a true martial artist who combines his technical skills with great wisdom to tirelessly serve the growing martial arts community of Korea as well as the rest of the world.

    As of present time, Grandmaster In Sun Seo has certified 270,000 Black Belts and he serves as President/Chairman of World Kido Federation, Han Min Jok Hapkido Association and Korea Kuk Sool Association. GM Seo continues to travel the world to teach and share his martial arts knowledge and skills.

    To learn more about the World Kido Federation, please click HERE

  • Assistant Instructor
    Cameron Ho

    I began training with Master My at the age of eight, along with my brother Caleb Ho, and was immediately passionate about learning Kuk Sool. I’m currently a 2nd Degree Blackbelt.

    Beginning my journey into the lifestyle of a martial artist, I’ve always had a respect for Master My and her skills, as well as for other higher ranked students. My brother and I caught on quick about the school’s expectations teaching me discipline, while in the presence of others. With the influence of my teachers, family, and other students, my martial arts skills had advanced at a significantly fast rate.

    Currently, as well as every day, I push to improve myself as a martial artist, a person, and an instructor. I focus on helping students’ skills grow by constructing my own teaching style to make my instruction more natural.

    Continuing Kuk Sool in the future, I want to increase my martial arts skills, as well as my teaching skills, for I still have much to learn from Master My. I wish to expand my knowledge of Kuk Sool, as it will help me understand more about myself and the world around me.

    Training at KSMY Martial Arts under Master My’s teaching, I have practiced respect for others, responsibility as an instructor, and discipline for the martial arts lifestyle.

  • Assistant Instructor
    Rod Azghadi

    Hello! My name is Rod Azghadi and I hold the rank of 1st Dan under Master My Callison.

    Since my Kuk Sool journey began in 2013, I’ve learned life lessons that have impacted my life to this day, and not all regarding martial arts. At KSMY, respect and discipline are held at the highest levels, with Master My holding her students at the highest of standards.

    Throughout my journey at KSMY, one major life lesson I learned was that people learn from failure, just as much as they learn from success. Our goal at KSMY and in life is for our students to succeed and become the best version of themselves. We will push the students to train at a “120%” level, through sweat, blood, and even a few tears.

    The first two times that I tested for my black belt, I failed, which made me upset with my performance. In response, I was not offended by her decision, but took it as motivation to train even harder. I would like to thank Master My for her decision to fail me because it brought the best out of me, with a successful 3rd attempt for hold the rank of 1st Dan.

    One aspect that I love about Master My is that she truly loves her students, and if you fail to reach the next rank, know that the decision was made because we love you and KSMY knows you have potential to be an even better martial artist than you are.

    My favorite memories at KSMY were attending the Haminjok Hapkido Member Summits, and having the privilege to receive direct instruction from Grandmaster In Sun Seo, as well as several other masters from around the world.

    My life goal in martial arts is to one day travel to my home country of Iran alongside my master to train with the instructors and masters who reside there.

  • Assistant Instructor
    Caleb Ho

    I joined KSMY Martial Arts as a curious five year old. I soon found interest in the art of Kuk Sool and wanted to pursue it further. I am currently a 1st degree black belt.

    When I was younger, KSMY helped me to become more focused, because I joked around in class. My brother Cameron and I influenced each other, since we always wanted to help each other progress as martial artists. As I got older, I started to understand the concepts of martial arts better, and my skills progressed.

    As a black belt, Master My continues to be my influence because I look up to her as my instructor. I start to influence other students under me by giving them my knowledge and experience. I am focusing on working with others, and breaking down what I know to understand why I do it.

    Moving forward, I influence myself by trying to understand the deeper meaning of martial arts. I would like to influence other students as I understand more, so I can teach others with more knowledge and experience. Becoming higher up in the ranks, I would like to discipline myself to be more serious in my martial arts training.

    As a martial artist, and while training at KSMY, I have learned self discipline, respect, integrity, responsibility and humility. Master My encourages me to pursue farther as a person, under the lifestyle as a martial artist.

  • Adult Leader
    Derrick Rogers

    Hello!  My name is Derrick Rogers. I have prior experience in Judo and Hanmudo. I began my journey in Kuk Sool when I moved to Sacramento and was looking to get back into martial arts after many years of inactivity. I have been training at KSMY for about 3 years, receiving my brown belt in the process.

    Under Master My’s instruction, I have regained my passion for martial arts. I have become more confident as a person and I have notice a vast improvement in my coordination.  Master My has encouraged myself and others to try our best in all situations.

    KSMY has been a positive environment where I have been able to continue to grow as a student as well as a leader. I enjoy training alongside my KSMY family as we encourage and learn from each other.

    Outside the dojang, I enjoy watching pro wrestling, writing poetry, and bowling. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!

  • Adult Leader
    Erik Boice

    I have been practicing martial arts at KSMY since July of 2016.  I have three children, two that practice at KSMY, and live in Elk Grove, CA.

    In spite of, or perhaps because of, some familiarity with martial arts in my early life, I was initially a little apprehensive about starting martial arts training at an age that most would consider the second part of your life.  I quickly found, however, that while martial arts at KSMY will certainly push the boundaries of your physical abilities, it will never be in a way that is unsafe or overwhelming.  You will be encouraged every step of the way, and as you build your physical abilities slowly but surely over time, you will be pleasantly surprised when you start to be able to do things that you did not believe were possible on your first day.

    I love Kuk Sool Mu Ye because of its comprehensive nature and multi-faceted approach.  It combines beautifully stylized movements with ruthless practicality.  The art is committed to adapting and adopting what is most effective in a self-defense setting, while retaining the artistic practice that also develops strength, conditioning, balance and speed.  Not every violent encounter requires a death blow, and KSMY teaches how to react in many different ways – from a simple wrist release to a disabling takedown – depending on what is most appropriate in the situation.

    Respect, kindness, helpfulness, and encouragement are woven into every part of the KSMY martial arts lifestyle.  My goal is to practice these values even more than the physical aspects of the art, and to be able to change my inner character as much or more than my outer.

    My favorite part of training at KSMY is seeing people achieve long standing goals and break through barriers they never thought could be broken.  Fortunately, you get to see that quite often at KSMY.

    I hope to see you soon!

  • Adult Leader
    Janice O'Malley Galizio

    Hi! I’m Janice O’Malley Galizio, and I’m currently a brown belt at KSMY. I grew up within the walls of my father’s Tae Kwon Do dojang from the time I was a baby. I watched admirably as my father, Michael O’Malley, an 8th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an inductee of the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame extend his long legs and jump into the air while snapping out a jumping side kick. I watched as he taught his students body mechanics and the importance of precision in kicks, punches, and forms. Yet, as a teenager, I took this for granted and stopped practicing when I was 13 years old.

    Twenty years later, I felt like I wanted to challenge myself again. I had already run a few half-marathons and completed two full marathons. Out of curiosity, I googled “Martial Arts studios in Sacramento.” My search led me to Master My and her studio. Having practiced with my father, I knew that the most important thing to me when finding a studio was finding someone I respect to be my teacher, somebody that values and pushes their students, and someone who promotes a positive family-like environment. I knew Master My’s dojang was exactly what I was looking for from the moment I was greeted by her.

    Although I am extremely busy as a working mother with three children, a husband, and a dog, Kuk Sool has been a wonderful and important part of my life. As a white belt, I would watch the upper belts and think, “Wow, I’ll never be able to do that.” Three years later, I have proved myself wrong – a testament to Master My’s teaching and encouragement.

    I love Kuk Sool because of its comprehensive approach to martial arts. It’s not just kicks and punches – it’s learning how to tumble correctly, and how to engage in practical techniques to defend yourself. It has also taught me to be confident in myself, in my potential, and with my voice. I enjoy being a Senior Leader and helping develop our lower belt junior members into future martial artists.

    Outside of the studio I love to run, practice yoga, spend time with my family and serve as a board of director for OCA – Asian Pacific Advocates Sacramento.

    I hope that someday soon I can take a picture with my dad in our matching black belts.

  • Youth Leader
    Shayn Nishijima

    I have been training in Hapkido since the age of 8 years old. I help out with the Tiny Tigers and the Junior programs. You may also see me here at the school everyday because I am highly dedicated to KSMY Martial Arts. I am currently red/black belt and I am going for first degree black belt and even beyond.

    I enjoy hobbies such as soccer and programming. KSMY is like a family to me and they have helped me so much in life and improving my everyday with my love for martial arts.

    I really hope you can make it out and be a part of this family. Hope to see you soon!

  • Youth Leader
    Elizabeth Kim

    Hi! My name is Elizabeth Kim, but you can just call me Elly.  I have attended martial arts for a eight years.  I have learned many things at our dojang.  I’m glad that I am a part of the KSMY team and don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t.  I have met many great people here and we are all very good friends.

    I attended KSMY for self defense, but realized it’s also a nice place to go if you want to relieve stress.  The people are really kind, so it’s nice to have others always supporting your passion.

    KSMY Martial Arts is a great place to learn respect, self discipline, and perseverance.  I am still a continuing students but have improved since I first step foot into this dojang.  I currently assist in the Tiny Tigers and Junior beginner classes. I hope to meet you soon!

  • Youth Leader
    Hadija Terk

    I’m Dij. I began my martial arts training as a timid Tiny Tiger to a now introverted still, yet more confident, red/blackbelt.  My dad enrolled me in martial arts initially because he wanted me to be able to defend myself. I have not only learned the art of Kuk Sool at KSMY, but I’ve also learned the importance of perseverance and having grit.

    I assist in the Tiny Tigers class to help others who were like me before.  You may also see me in the Juniors class assisting as well.

    I look forward to working with others who are more apprehensive about martial arts too! I hope I can help you come out of your shell.

  • Junior Leader
    Colin Scott

    I became interested in Martial Arts while living in Cambodia at around five and a half years old. When my family moved back to the United States at the age of 6, we began searching for a martial arts school.

    After visiting a few schools and finally landing at KSMY, I instantly felt I had found the right school.  Master My made me feel part of a larger family and my passion for Kuk Sool began to grow everyday. Ma’am My’s passion for Kuk Sool has motivated my passion and has encouraged me to grow as a Martial Artist and as a person. While at KSMY, my understanding of respect, discipline and humility has grown, which has carried over into my home and school life. I have earned Leadership Awards and achieved top academic acknowledgements from my school. I also understand how hard my parents work to teach and guide me.

    I practice hard at KSMY and at home as well. Ma’am My has allowed me to help with teaching our Tiny Tigers, which I enjoy very much. It helps remind me of where I started and how much everyone helped me. Now I have been given the opportunity to pass it on.

    In July of 2018, I was allowed to attend the World Haminjok Hapkido Summit. I was so honored to meet and shake hands with Grand Master In Sun Seo and Master Steve, as well as practice with other Masters from South Korea and around the world. This I will never forget as it further fueled my passion for Kuk Sool.

    I look forward to one day becoming a Black Belt under Ma’am My’s instruction.

    I have learned so much from not only My Gwan Jang Nim but also from Sir Cameron, Sir Caleb, Sir Glynn, Sir Shayn, and Ma’am Elly.

    KSMY is like a family and I’m proud to be a part of it!!!

  • Junior Leader
    Mitchell Sanchez

    I started with KSMY Martial Arts School in 2016. I have learned so much since I have started with KSMY. I have been taught integrity, perseverance, self-control, respect, and most of all, the very rewarding skill of martial arts.

    I have always wanted to take classes in Martial Arts and I owe my accomplishments not only to my Grandmother who registered me for my first class with Master My, but she has also been the one encouraging me and my little sister Isabelle to continue to practice. I am not only grateful to my grandmother, but I am also grateful to my parents for allowing me to join such a great school. I also wanted to give a huge thanks to Master My and Sir Gary for making me feel comfortable and encouraging me to stay focused. Also, to Assistant Instructors Sir Caleb and Sir Cameron Ho, they both continue to inspire me and make me want to continue to work harder.

    I feel fortunate to have met so many awesome people at KSMY. I have been given the opportunity to improve so many skills I didn’t even know I had: commitment, focus, discipline, humility and more.

    Thank you all for such a great opportunity to serve as a Junior Leader. I will continue to strive for my Black Belt and hopefully become an Assistant Instructor one day so that I can give back and help others with kindness, support, and encouragement. I was taught by the BEST!

  • Junior Leader
    Cassius Rayman

    Hi my name is Cassius Rayman. I am ten years old and I am in fifth grade. I’ve been practicing Kuk Sool for about two and a half years and some of my favorite parts are tumbling, kicking, and sparring. I also play a lot of other sports, like soccer, lacrosse, and  swim. One goal I have set for myself to do is to reach black belt before I start college.