KSMY Martial Arts school teaches students patience to practice, courage to fail, spirit to fly, and wisdom to guide.

We teach a comprehensive style that incorporates:

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Program Membership Fees – $190/mo

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  • Single Member- $171/mo (10% OFF)
    +Free Enrollment Fee ($40 value)

  • 2nd Family Member- $152/mo (20% OFF)
    +Free Enrollment Fee ($40 value)

  • Additional Members- $114/mo (40% OFF)
    +Free Enrollment Fee ($40 value)

  • Private Lessons
    – $60-$80/session


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 Hello! My name is My Callison and I’m the owner and Head Master of KSMY Martial Arts. I strive to develop a personal and constructive relationship with each and every one of my students. I hope to inspire individuals to take a positive and active approach in life. I plan to be with my students every step of the way to help them reach their individual goals. Martial Arts is not just a hobby for me, it is my life! I hope to be able to share my love and appreciation for marital arts with you!

Master My Callison, Gwan Jang Nim, has been dedicated to Hapkido for 30 years. She is currently a Sixth Degree Black Belt under the Korea Kuk Sool Association, the World Kido Federation, and the Han Min Jok Hapkido Association.

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